MSJA is an environmental NGO
located in Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby – MSJA

Who are we?

The mission of the association Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby (MSJA) aims to raise awareness about the conservation and protection of Ulcinj Salina as a key part of biodiversity in Montenegro and beyond. In addition, the aim is to encourage the community to take the necessary steps to achieve formal protection of the Ulcinj Salina as a nature park and wetland of international importance (Ramsar site).

A journey through generations…

Ulcinj Salina

The past and present of Ulcinj Salina, presented from the point of view of the young protagonist and author Edina Mustafić, will awaken memories, emotions and thoughts about it, which will bring us closer to the unique value of Ulcinj Salina and the power it still has today. We join Edina's journey through the generations, with the desire for Ulcinj's Solana to become an active member in our lives again. Become a part of us.

Ulcinj Salina

Ulcinj salina belongs to the group of the largest salt pans in the Mediterranean. It occupies about 14.5 km2 of salt basins.

River Bojana

Bojana a 41-kilometer-long river on the border of Montenegro and Albania.

Long Beach

Long Beach is a sandy beach overlooking the Adriatic coast. It is 13 km long.


Valdanos Beach it is located in the bay with the same name. It used to be the main port and shelter for Ulcinj pirate ships.

Lake Šas

Lake Šas is a significant seasonal habitat for migratory birds. On its shores are the ruins of the old town of Svač (Šas).

Our latest activities

Prikaži još

"The Adriatic coast is critical for the birds of Europe and Africa, and the salty Ulcinj is an invaluable part of it - a relatively small area that serves as a resting and refueling station for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds."

Jonathan Franzen

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