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Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby – MSJA

The Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association - MSJA aims to raise awareness about the preservation and protection of natural and unique landscapes in the Municipality of Ulcinj and beyond. In addition, our goal is to encourage the community to take the necessary steps to become more actively involved in protecting the environment that is unique to its diversity in Montenegro. The wealth of the Municipality of Ulcinj consists of its natural forms, which include mountains, sea, lakes, rivers and one of the largest olive groves on the Adriatic. Our goal is for the Municipality of Ulcinj to become honest in its sustainable development and environmental protection. Its natural and cultural wealth is the most valuable resource, which needs to be preserved for future generations.

Friends of the late Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby decided to form an association in honor of his contribution to nature conservation in the Balkans. The society aims to continue the work within the legacy of Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby on the preservation of the Saltworks and other natural heritage of Ulcinj.
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Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby was a biologist and ornithologist who dedicated his life to researching and protecting the Ulcinj Saltworks for more than ten years. Unfortunately, Ulcinj's Salina remains unprotected, despite the great importance it has for the biodiversity of the entire European continent.

Our team

Zenepa Lika

Founder and President

Zenepa Lika moved to Germany with her parents in 1983. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in economic studies, and then decided to study architecture at the Bergische Universitat Wuppertal, where she graduated in 2005. The unique natural beauty of her beloved city of Ulcinj is the reason for her decision to return to her homeland. Working for the benefit of all is her motivation.

„On October 4th in 2014 is the day when I first entered Ulcinj's Salina. I was shocked and then during a long walk through the pools I saw flamingos. This beauty can not leave anyone indifferent. On the one hand you have an indescribably beautiful area, and on the other hand, in the immediate vicinity of this treasure stands a relentless desolation. This ambivalence describes, and is synonymous with, the Montenegrin state. "

With these words, my friends described their experiences gained in Montenegro. Ulcinj Salina deserves our attention and love.

Gudrun Steinacker


Gudrun Steinacker is a retired German diplomat. She has served in the United States, the former Yugoslavia, France, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Russia. From 2014 to 2016, she was the Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro.

She met Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby as a young scientist in Croatia in 1987. Realizing the continuous destruction of the biological diversity of the Ulcinj Salina, which was the focus of Dr. Schneider-Jacoby's work in Montenegro, she engaged and helped raise awareness of the Salina problem among the diplomatic corps in Montenegro. It also burned the European political scene and led them to get involved in the protection of the Ulcinj Salina.

As part of the work of Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby, she decided to support the founding of the MSJA.

Darko Saveljić


Darko Saveljić is, among other things, the founder of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Podgorica and the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP). He is a biologist and an expert in the study of birds (ornithology). He specializes in numerous international programs in the field of bird and nature protection in the USA, Korea, India, Canada, Morocco, the EU, etc.

He is a participant and coordinator of the European Nest Atlas, the European Red List of Birds, the IBA of Montenegro, the representative of Montenegro in the AEVA Secretariat and a member of the Scientific Council of the Bonn Convention.

Since 1999, he has been actively promoting and working on the protection of birds of the Ulcinj Salina, and for over 10 years he has been actively working with Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby.

Gabriel Schwaderer


Even before studying geography, Gabriel Schwaderer was active and supported the EuroNatur Nature Conservation Foundation in their goal of protecting Europe's natural treasures.

Since 1998, he has been the Executive Director of EuroNatur, based in Radolfzell, Germany. Due to various projects, he knows the Balkans very well. He was faithful i.a. for the protection of the Balkan lynx and bear. In addition, it lobbies nationally and internationally for nature conservation.

EuroNatur has been active for Salina in Ulcinj since 2002 and now runs the #SaveSalina campaign, in which MSJA is a partner.

Jonathan Franzen

Honorary member

The Adriatic coast is critical for birds in Europe and Africa, and the salty Ulcinj is an invaluable part of it - a relatively small area that serves as a resting and refueling station for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds. If Montenegro is serious about its commitment to the environment, the Ulcinj Salina must be preserved and restored. Martin Schneider-Jacoby was a great friend and advocate of nature on the Adriatic, and he also loved Ulcinj's Salina. It is my privilege to be part of the association that bears his name.

Active volunteers and associates

Elodi Jakupi


After graduating, she got a job in an agricultural pharmacy as a plant protection engineer, with knowledge and desire for a clean and healthy environment, directing consumers to sustainable development and focus on organic agriculture and environmental protection. Thus, as an ecologist, she voluntarily participated in several activities carried out by the association "Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby - MSJA", and is now part of this association. She is realizing the same idea now only with a wider target group, to inform and spread as much love as possible for the environment that surrounds us.

Rina Kovaçi

Activist / Volunteer

She has been working as a pharmacist in the city of Ulcinj and has been an activist and volunteer in the association "Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby - MSJA" since 2017, which coincides with her return to live and work in her country. She found an open opportunity in the association Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby - MSJA to express their ideas, visions, passion for nature and its protection.

Artan Lika

Activist / Volunteer

Vratio se iz Prištine da radi u rodnom mjestu svojih predaka, koji su uvek bili fascinirani bogatstvima prirode tokom svojih posjeta anamaljskog područja – Ulcinj.

He works as a journalist for the local television "Teuta" and is completing a course for a tourist guide. He found himself in the goals of the association "Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby - MSJA" and was engaged as a volunteer and activist in this association. Passionate about water sports, cycling and sustainable tourism based on nature and community, the knowledge and experience he gained in the MSJA association opens many doors for him to realize his dreams, creating the brand Reborn by Adventures.

Mensur Pelinković

Activist / Volunteer

Although he has graduated in the field of IT, he loves nature, animals and is always there as a support when it comes to environmental protection.

He is currently engaged in freelancing in the field of marketing, social networks and IT, and at the same time he is writing and completing his master's thesis. It can be said that he has been with MSJA from the very beginning, where he voluntarily participates in all actions organized by MSJA. He sees MSJA as a very important factor in the defense of the natural resources of the city of Ulcinj and its surroundings.

Our partners

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